Friday, August 23, 2013

England and Pulp Icons. Country Life. What's For Sale?

Country Life. British pulp magazine in large glossy. 

This is a magazine, oversized, laying out Brit properties for sale.  Property!  A British obsession.  Look at the house hunting international. The British talk of property. The concept uber alles. Not just a piece of real estate, but a property.   Great estates just for you.  Photography.  Vistas.  History.  A delight over coffee before the stress of the day o'ertakes.  Who would not enjoy it? Things for sale.  Acquisition.  Profit.  Find this icon for the uppah classes and wannabes who drool, at

For sale signs.  All over for the Brits to pick and choose.

Who else is property and, accordingly, pointedly included as available?  Ah, yes. The youngish or still-searching Ladies. The bloodline preserves the concept of property. If the property goes by male primogenture (does it still?)  marry up to one of them. Get in line.

  • In each issue, toward the center, more toward the prominence of the beginning than the afterthought of the ending, is this.  The Broad of the Day.  Somebody's Lovely Dottah!  A dewy or airbrushed blooming young thing, or a little past young but hunting for a permanent buyer.  Lady this or that.  The daughter of Who Big and Who Bigger and the genealogy for all to scrutinize.

Buy me says she.  Like Alice in Wonderland.  A cookie.  Eat me. A poor one. Shrink.  Wrong cookie. Eat me.  Grow. 

So, asks she, who will my husband be? 

Go to Country Life and see the dames' daughters in waiting.  There should be an audio attached.  Perhaps a scratch and sniff for the hedgerows.  Ha-has.  See the function of the ha-ha, to preserve boundaries without spoiling the view. at

Go for the before centerfold first, like in Playboy. 

That's the spirit. Pip pip.

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